Looking for a rocky mountain high?

Steph Gaskell in The North Face 100 // Aurora Images

There are some things you can’t do on your own – and that extends to some ultras. Like when you’re doing it as a team, and when it’s the lauded Gore-Tex TransRockies Run, in which most runners are team entrants.

Adelaide based trail runner, 27 year-old Stephanie Gaskell has high hopes for entering the Colorado, US, event, which would be her biggest trail target to date.

And she wants a pointy end finish. That’s a big ask for the 120 mile (193km) run which puts runner through 6100 meters of climbing.

An even bigger ask is that she needs a partner to run it with her.

“There are 200 teams of two who run the full course over six days and then fifty solo runners (who only do 3 day event covering sixty miles). I’m doing the six-day event, and I need a running partner,” says Steph, who is based in Adelaide, South Australia.

The run is a multi-day point to point from Burna Vista to Beaver Creek through heart of the White River and San Isabel National Forests. The course includes mix of single track and forest reaching altitudes of over 3800 metres.

“I plan to go a week or so before race start and would obviously work this out with my running partner’s schedule. I am aiming high,” says Gaskell, who is studying a Diploma in Sports Nutrition and has a string of top end results in running, both trail and otherwise.

“ My PB in the Melbourne Marathon is 2:56; I was first female and fourth overall in the You Yangs 50km in 2010 (4:28); and came 7th female and 53 overall in the 200 North Face 100 (13:06),” says Gaskell.

“I don’t care if my partner is male of female, so long as they are happy to aim to be competitive! But they also should be fun as we will be running together for six days plus some training!”

Prospective partners can contact Steph by email gask09@hotmail.com or M: 0417 122 070.

Check out Steph’s website here www.optimalendurancenutrition.com/ and background here:  www.sportsoracle.com/ioc/student-list?id=8304

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