There’s always a lot of people who put in a lot of sweat, a few tears and perhaps, if we push them hard enough, the odd drop of blood.Without those people and organisations, grassroots projects the likes of Trail Run magazine just wouldn’t happen. We’re appreciative, and we hope you, the reader, is too. You might even like to give them thanks by showing them a little of your interest or even custom (after all we only like to play in the dirt with salt of the earth people).

Running Wild NZ – they know they’ve got it good in NZ when it comes to trails, lucky they want to share

EnduroExplorer – regular contributor Nick Wienholt likes trail, exploring, wilderness, gear testing…we like him

Trail Running Company – the home of the Great Ocean Walk 100, the Bogong to Hotham and of trail extraordinaire and regular writer and tester, Andy Hewat

Trails Plus – the home of Brett Saxon, RD of a raft of brill trail runs and festival in Victoria, and a gear tester for Trail Run Mag

Beau Miles – just a damn fine bloke. Oh, and first to run the Australian Alpine Walking Track in one go. Just over 13 days since you asked. Can build barns, too.

Next Level Nutrition – Alan McCubbin, a guru of all good things to put inside your body (and he has no problem with coffee – I like him)

Footpro – Simon Bright and the crew at Footpro in Melbourne know a thing or a hundred about trail running shoes (great range), and biomechanics of trail running. They’d better – my ITB is playing up again. Any excuse for new pair of trail runners…

The Bird Collective  – simply the best design, art and ideas agency in the world


There’s always a leap of faith when something like Trail Run Mag comes along, especially for big corporate brands that we’d like to support us, but we’re minions in their quest for the masses. Unless, that is, said brands are actually true to the trail experience; they actually care about trail running, they put action behind their glitzy marketing campaigns. Sure they want to sell gear, but at least they also put money into developing the community. Here’s some brands we’d like to thank for having a little early faith:

The North Face
Vasque (Sea To Summit)

  1. hi having trouble subscribing for a hard copy of your mags is there an easy way to do this??cheers CLare

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