Trail Run Mag Ed#6 is available to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE*

Trail Run Mag Ed#5 is available to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE*

Trail Run Magazine Ed#3 is available to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE*.
Trail Run Magazine
is available to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE*.

Trail Run Magazine Ed#1 is available for DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE*.

TRM Ed.01

TRM Ed.02

TRM Ed.03


1. Right click the link or the cover/s (above) and ‘save as’ to save the file to your desktop.  The file size is approx. 65MB, so please be patient while it downloads, it will take between 2-5 minutes to download depending on your computer, traffic and connection speed. But hey, surely you’ve spent longer than that waiting to buy a newspaper some mornings, eh?

2. You will need Adobe Reader to view or an equivalent pdf reader (i.e. on Macs you can also view in ‘Preview’ program). DO NOT view in your web browser (Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc) as it is hard to zoom in these and makes for a poor reading experience!

If your would like to subscribe (as such – we’ll email you you to let you know whenever a new edition is up), check in to www.trailrunmag.com/subscribe/ and register.


We have launched our first Collectors’ Edition hardcopy compiling the best of Winter/Spring and into a beautiful ‘mook’ (magazine/book)-style production. Buy your copy at the new website here www.trailrunmag.com/shop.

  1. OK, you got me, JUNE 31?….June has only 30days, is this trickery or is this your first typo?

  2. Ha. First typo and can’t promise it’ll be our last (no budget for coffee let alone a proofer :).
    This Sat night/Sunday AM is the aim. I’ll fling out a Facebook and Twitter alert when it’s up and a blog on front page. Nice pick up though.

  3. Trail Run Magazine, Volume 01, Issue 01, Winter 2011, a bloody ripper, well done to all involved!

    I was going to stay up late and download the mag as soon as you guys posted it, alas I had a trail run planned with a mate at sparrows fart and really needed the sleep. So off to bed I trundled to dreams of trail and adventure, till sometime very early am, when my wife woke me from my slumber to the words I’d been waiting for for the last 9 and a bit months…..The baby’s coming!

    Shit!…No trail run, I’ll have to call Ash…………are you OK, do we need to go now?

    Fast forward to 9:38am, my wife, in a sterling effort and more grit than an Ultra runner gave birth to our second son, happy, healthy and very loud! DOB; 3rd July 2011, yep it seems as though my little runner shares the same birthday as the Trail Run Mag!

    My timing is spot on as it turns out, I was Numero Uno to pre-order the Hard Copy of the mag, so now the little man will have a keep sake to commemorate the shared birthday. Lets hope both of you have a very bright and lasting future.

    Cheers to all at Trail Run Magazine and happy birthday!

  4. Aye men to that, Dennis! Congrats on the birth of your second – very proud to share a birthday with him! So only one question now…will you call him Trail? 🙂
    May he grow into a fine fanatic of singletrack. We’ll be sure to get that special edition to him when it comes off the press.

  5. Congrats guys on the first edition! Looks fantastic and great info. Inspires me to ditch my MTB for a pair of running shoes..at least every now and then. Look forward to future volumes.

  6. Great work all involved, a very engrossing and high quality read.

  7. I think with above directions to download on PC you do a right click to save to desktop???

  8. Brilliant mag. Well done to all contributors. Being relatively new to ‘Trail’ scene; I do get the feeling it is taking off in a major way. Let’s hope the harmony between Parks and Trail organisers stays ‘workable’ as the numbers of entrants increases for these kind of events!!

  9. Martin Stacy

    Loving the mag over here in the UK. I was reading it at work and it looked incredible on my massive monitor. The writing is great and the photography is stunning.

    Would you consider making some pics available as wallpapers?

  10. So much to love about this magazine!….so here’s the deal…..Proof of my genuine endorsement for it’s content, I am willing to give up my many years unbroken annual subscription of ‘the other RUNNERS mag for hardcopy subscriptions of this one. “Build it and they will come”

  11. Absolutely brilliant and inspiring. Can’t wait for the next one!! Happy Trails…

  12. It’s fabulous. I love the visual and vocab style, the content is engrossing and useful and I can’t wait to subscribe.

  13. Awesome, Trail Runner ( E Mag ) out with two great NZ articles from Mal Law and Aaron Carter. Also a photo of me taken by Mal Law on the Hillary trail!
    Heaps of great reading!

  14. Took me a while to get to it but it looks bloody great. All I need to do now is work out how to print it off and take it somewhere quiet to read. Cant wait to see the Alpine Challenge featured here.

  15. I received an email to say edition 4 was available. I lost the email but there’s no edition 4 here on the website.

    • HI Andrew,

      seems we are having some troubles with our website at the minute, but you should be able to see and access a download link to Ed#4 at http://www.trailrunmag.com/zine/
      remember to download to your desktop and then go to the file and open in Adobe Reader or Preview (do not view through your browser).

      We’ll get on to solving the web problems ASAP!

      Thanks for reading!

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