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Running High – doco teaser

You’ve all seen the whip around for the new Desert Runners movie, featuring Aussie Sam Gash, Kiwi Lisa Tamati and a few others tackling the 4 Deserts series. You’ve only got until 8 November to help them out to make the film a reality by pre-purchasing (in effect) a DVD and in doing so becoming a ‘Producer’.

Looks like it will be a great watch, and a good story to support. Check in to the ‘Become a producer’ page here. Looks like they have reached their goal to make it happen – but every penny counts in an edit suite, so fling em a bit of hard earned!

Yet another project following hot on the heels of Desert Runners is a documentary that will feature Lisa Tamati in her attempt to crack La Ultra The High, a 222km ultra through the Himalayas in Kashmir, India. Less desert, much more mountain – in fact this is the world’s highest ultra pushing competitors over two passes of 5400m as recounted in some of TRM’s previous blogs. It’s also what the six finishers this year – including Sam Gash and all of whom have done most of the world’s biggest ultras – rated as the world’s hardest, if only for the altitude and pollution. In the first outing, there was only one finisher. Will Lisa – an asthmatic –  finish in the second edition? Will anyone?

Produced by Nalu Productions Running High will document Lisa’s journey to run on the roof of the world. It covers the highs and lows of trying to finish in under 60 hours, the battles she faces physically and mentally, and those of her four man crew  – altitude sickness, disappearing crew cars, meltdown moments… it’s all there.

Here’s the early trailer. We’re not passing the hat around. Yet. (although if you do have a lazy $30,000…please email!). But stay tuned for developments as the film goes into the edit suite. We can promise you a dramatic outcome.

Please do leave any comments on this one – all support is appreciated as we, Like Desert Runners, go into our own little ultra of how to get a film made. Stay tuned.

Queenstown’s new (trail) runner stunner

NZ: Queenstown. A place known for its adventure. And now, a trail run gem to add to its menu of wild delights.

Queenstown long-distance runner Adrian Bailey has announced the inaugural Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon for February 4, during Waitangi weekend.

Featuring 5km, 10km and half-marathon choices, the race will trail from the old Pipeline bungy site in Skippers Canyon, via the Moonlight Track, to Moke Lake.

Speaking to, Bailey said the race will have a “wow” factor due to the panoramic scenery, the variety of terrain, including river trails, bluffs and ridge-lines, and signs of the area’s rich goldmining history.

“On the ridge-lines you can see Queenstown, which is fantastic, but also other mountain regions like Mount Aspiring and, of course, Ben Lomond,” he told the media outlet.

“There will be world-class mountain runners in the race, without a doubt. There is interest from America, Australia and up north – people are already raring to enter.

Bailey expects the fastest [marathon] time to be just under three hours: “Even though it’s a good testing course, you make up a lot of time on the long, gradual downhills.”

Bailey – who organises an annual 5km and 10km running series at Queenstown’s Jack’s Point – expects about 250 to 300 entries in the shorter races. The marathon can take up to 420 runners.

“In the first year I’d be ecstatic if I get 200,” Bailey says.

The idea for the race came after Bailey was introduced to Ben Lomond farm owner John Foster by veteran local multisporter John Knight.