Smiling faces at the 2011 INOV8 Coastal Classic finish line

DISPATCH FROM THE TRAIL // TRM writer Margaretha Fortmann // Coastal Classic, Royal National Park, NSW

Standing at the finish line of the 2011 INOV8 Coastal Classic, I came to the conclusion that trail running on 30km of pristine coastal trails can only have one effect on a runner: to leave a huge, infectious, satisfied smile on their face.

Here are the smiles and thoughts of some of this year’s happy finishers:

Steve Cunningham

Niall MacMullan

What I love most about trail running is that I have something to focus on underfoot – my mind is engaged at all times when I am out on the trails – Niall

Shona Stephenson

I love bouncing off stuff and flying through the bush. It is also very satisfying overtaking the boys on the downhill! When I am running on trails I am never bored – Shona

Richard Bettles

During today’s race I just looked at the ocean and forgot the pain. I feel lucky and honoured to be out here with likeminded people – Richard

Maite Dupuis

This was my first trail run but it has to be the most beautiful course I have ever run on! – Maite

Helen Watson

Andy Reynolds

Mark Beech

Right now I feel awesome! – Mark

Artie Sellings

The best word to describe how I feel right now is satisfied…and old! – Artie

Jason Hosking

Adi Torda and Ngaire van der Jagt

What I love most about trail running is the freedom I feel out on the trails, and the beauty of nature. Today’s run had it all: sand, mud, trees, fireflowers and ocean. It was one of the most scenic runs I have ever done! – Adi

John Murray

Adam Connor and Nick Lledo

What I love most about trail running is the challenge – Adam

Kate Johnson

It is just a lovely feeling running on trails – there is nothing better. I never want to run on the road again! – Kate

Alan Beasdale, Sue Feigler & Kevin Molloy

 What I love most about trail running is that off the road you can run when you are an old bugger – Kevin

Craig Mooy

The best way to describe how I felt at the finish line is elated – Craig


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