Trail Run Mag – launch edition now free to download

Yes, we’ve arrived: Trail Run Mag was delivered to the trail running community of Australia and New Zealand, a healthy happy Zine, on 3rd July at about 1am. For now, it;s free for all you trail hounds to pour over. We’d love some feedback, suggestions, pitches…and if you super lpove what we’re trying to do, then make sure you put your hand up early and book one of the limited edition Collector’s Editions, a best of Ed1&2 hardcopy (email with ‘Confirm Hardcopy’ in teh subject header.

And don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook so we can keep in touch.

And now, if you have a minute or two (which is about how long it takes to download (65MB), enjoy edition one (double click on cover to download direct or right click and save to desktop):

About trailrunmag

We're a dirty little mag. A dirty, dirty, filthy mag...About running. Off road, on trail, off piste, on earth. Trail Run Magazine is Australasia's only magazine entirely devoted to the dirty art of trail running. Through forests, up mountains, across long as it's wild and dirty and there's scant hint of boring bitumen, we'll cover it. You want to know who's running up what mountain, who's winning which extreme event, what's the best short trail run just outside your town, what supplement will see you through that 100 kay killer, how to set up a training plan for the 4 Deserts you reckon you'll conquer next year, and what's the best pair of runners to tackle the TNF100? You'll want to subscribe to Trail Run magazine then... Go on, get dirty.

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